Driver Profile

Name: Zero Two (ゼロツー)

Aliases: 002 ,  Partner Killer

Age: Unkown

Height: 5'7

Team: Free Agent

Race Wins: Unknown

Skills: Able to pilot any vehicle, Dive fishing, Honey eating 

Weaknesses: Social awkwardness, disconnected from societal standards,

aggressive behaviors 

Motto: "I hate how I taste"

Technical Specifications

Vehicle: 1994 Mazda RX-7 FD

Engine:  5.7-liter small-block LS1 

Power: 451hp // 421 lb-ft of torque

Aero: Magic Type TT CF Body Kit

Wheels: SSR GT F01s

Tires: Toyo tires

Accessories: Bride Gias V1 Seats, Takata Racing Harness


Decal Specifications

- Size: 7.66' x 2.9'

- Material: High grade gloss finish 

- Durability: Resilient to water and sun damage. 

    Note: All decals are shipped separate of apparel or accessories in the same order to ensure they are not damaged during delivery. Some P.O. boxes are not accepted.