Driver Profile

Ryuko Matoi (纏 流子) 

Alias: N/A

Age: 17 

Height: 5'3 

Team: Liberty Walk Japan

Race Wins: 8

Skills: Hand to hand combat, Shit talking, Life fiber infused body, Healing Factor


Motto: "D! For Dragon!"

Technical Specifications

Vehicle: 2003 Liberty Walk Ferrari 360 Spider

Engine: 90° V8 F1310-00

Power: 400 hp // 624 lb -ft tourque

Aero: Liberty Walk Full Body kit

Wheels: Custom forged 19' wheels // Vossen 

Tires: Nitto Competition Radial

Accessories: Rear wing


Decal Specifications

- Material : High grade gloss finish 

- Vinyl material is resilient to water and sun damage. 

    Note: All decals are shipped separate of apparel or accessories in the same order to ensure they are not bent during delivery.  No P.O. Boxes, All decal / sticker sales are final.