Japan | A mini itinerary of Tokyo & Kyoto

  • By William Andrade
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Its 3 am. You've printed your flight info, confirmed your hotels, double checked

your bags and packed your snacks. Your phone chimes, the Uber is outside.

Japan, you are on your way.


You touch down at Tokyo International airport.

Congrats!, you have survived the 10-hour flight from hell. (If you are traveling from California like we are.)


Free to stretch your legs...

First few steps into the big city and you are overwhelmed by the sights, smells,

and sounds. You have no idea where you are going or what to do.

That's ok though, we got your back.




Kichi Kichi 
Kichi Kichi is a hole in the wall restaurant that broke the internet with its insane egg omelet which would perfectly split on top of a mound of fried rice and covered in demi glaze. Kichi Kichi is hidden in a small street along Shijo Kawaramachi, which is a huge shopping center. This place only seats 8pax so we had to book a reservation 2 months in advance. I'
Hedgehog Cafe (Tokyo)
Have you ever wanted to hold your own Sonic Hedgehog? Well, Japan has the closest thing to it. Hold a cute hedgehog and feed them snacks as you snap away pictures to flex on all your friends back home. It can be a bit on the pricier side, but it's one of those "TAKE MY MONEY" things. These things are mad kawaii.
Katsu Curry - Family owned (get the Tonjiru)

Sushi - Standing Sushi bar that is reasonably priced with good fish near Shibuya Station

Maisen - Tonkatsu place in Harajuku

Down the Stairs - Locally sourced kitchen in Aoyama

Tonki - 100-year-old Tonkatsu spot in Meguro

Fuglen Tokyo - Cafe that turns into a Bar at night. Good coffee and amazing interior. Kamiyama Street is amazing to walk down.

Streamers - For a quicker cup in Harajuku

JBS - Usually quiet small Jazz bar where the bartender/owner/DJ spins vinyl

渋谷のんべい横丁 - "Drinkers Alley" Alley of small bars right near Shibuya station

Sake Stand - Extremely Narrow Sake bar upstairs from a coffee shop near Shibuya Station

Golden Gai

Albatross Gアルバトロスg-新宿区
Golden Gai, an area renown for its immense amount of shanty-style bars which sometimes are so small that they only can seat up to 5 people at a time. Within these narrow alleys, we found this little gem called Albatross G. We stumbled across it after finding that a lot of the bars in Golden Gai had signs warning that they only served Japanese guest. Albatross, on the other hand, was more than happy to pour us some great Japanese whiskey to help with our jetlag. A tiny bar which was adorned with a deer head, red walls, and old chandeliers. They do have a cover charge, but most of the bars in this area do, so I would recommend giving this one a try! 

Mario Themed Bar



Daikanyama T-Site - Amazing Bookstore

Spring Valley Brewery



Ebisuyokocho - Amazing alley in a building of tiny bars

Bar Martha - Amazing little place, does have a cover charge but worth it.

Tokyo Station

Kitte - Redevelopment Public-Private Partnership Project that Kira thinks is interesting. 



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